Patagonia Provisions Savory Grains

, August 7, 2017

Patagonia Provision’s strapline “Rethinking Our Food Chain” could be corrupted, “Bring the Best Camping Food”. Entirely portable and of impeccable quality, the Sausalito-based food startup located with Patagonia Works have made it their mission to deliver a number of nutritional products, while maintaining the highest standards of sustainable farming. Whether its their ethics or the import of the Patagonia aesethic, snacks from Patagonia Provisions are delicious and most likely the surest way to divide your own weekend trip into two opposing camps – those who opted for Patagoniac snacks and those who shopped elsewhere.

The range of Patagonia Provisions is impressively vibrant, including beer, buffalo jerky, salmon fillets, snack bars, soup mixes and grains. Regenerative organic agriculture is their golden threadm, a commitment to improving the stock of soil quality through cultivation. This also means the prohibition of GMO seeds or synthetic chemicals to help boost the crop or its soil profile. Scheduling 25 minutes to watch their Unbroken Ground film will fill you in on this corner of progressive agricultural technique, manifested by a few on-site interviews with suppliers.


I’ve been working through their pair of savory grains during camping trips and, admittedly, in my own kitchen when I’m in need of a nutritious, pre-prepared meal. The Mushroom and Kamut Khorasan Wheat pouch is a cultural melting plot, putting together ancient grains, quinoa and a range of mushrooms into one satiating dish. A Green Kale is a similar mosaic of time-tested ingredients, only switches out the mushrooms for a the green leaves to offer another layer and nutritional profile.

If you’re going to flaunt your pouches at the campsite, know also that each contains some substance, specifically 370 calories, 16g protein, 77g and 12g of dietary fibre. Finish one between two or grab the whole lot for yourself and you’ve covered a useful portion to fuel or recover with.

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