Patagonia Films Profiles Welsh Seaweed Farm Câr-Y-Môr

, July 26, 2023

In “For the Love of the Sea,” Patagonia Films have documented the work of a seaweed farm in West Wales. Câr-Y-Môr have been reviving the health of the Pembrokeshire Coast off St. David’s (Google Maps), working with local fisherman to grow seaweed and habitat for oyster colonies. Their vertical farming system makes the most of coastal sea depth and turns the tide on bottom trawling.

Operating as For the Love of the Sea Ltd, the 250-member strong community benefit society was founded in August 2019. Since then, the business has expanded from two small trial sites to a three-hectare seaweed and shellfish farm with 12 employees.

Seaweed is used as a raw material for creating bioplastics, health products and fertisilier for sole.

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