Occam Deli, Munich

, August 31, 2017

Throughout the year, Munich locals can be seen taking brunch, lunch and coffee in the hospitality of Occam Deli, a few blocks from the fringe’s of Englischer Garten, a big green lung in the center of town.

Occam Deli’s robust menu is complete with hearty breakfast options, your regular pancakes, eggs and bagels. Their yoghurt, nuts with honey option also knocks it out the park. All meals and drinks are served on delightfully stylish which add an extra dimension to your regular coffee, as will the decadent cakes which take up an entire table in the front of the space.


Beyond their menu, Occam Deli also sell a range of high-end consumables including olive oil, fresh fruit, coffee beans, sea salt and, remarkably, Aēsop handwash. You’re bound to find plenty of robust furnishings to inspire the placement of these objects in your home.

This eclecticism at Occam Deli also makes way for evenings sessions. The Deli is open from 8am to 1am throughout the week, with the start time nudging back one hour on weekends. Part of the same group of venues as Kaisergarten and Freebird, you can expect substantial dishes in the evening, and a range of delicious craft drinks.

Drop into Occam Deli and grab whatever tickles your fancy. If you’re looking for an evening table, make a reservation.