Nikwax Apparel Protective Proofing

, March 26, 2011

If you’re looking to stay warm and dry warm and dry on the bike throughout the season, Nikwax must be the best bang-for-buck purchase. The Nikwax waterproofing system is trialled; cleaning, re-proofing and maintaining the breathability of clothing.  I have tested it on my Gore Bike Wear Oxygen Jacket that I use on the road, and my Lowe Alpine Pac-Lite shell that accompanies me on mountain bike efforts.   The Lowe Alpine  layer has taken a pounding of late with all the wet weather resulting in some very muddy conditions.   The Gore was also looking pretty sad too with lots of salty spray from filthy winter roads.

The results benefits are easily noticed:  Water now beads exceptionally well from the jackets, while they stay looking good and clean and, although I haven’t noticed any improvement, if the blurb is to be believed, the breathability of the material has been rejuvenated.

It’s easy to neglect kit during the winter and despite being happy to blow hundreds of pounds on new waterproof gear, many are reluctant to spend money on maintenance of the gear they rely on so heavily.  Nikwax offers a big gain in kit performance for minimal outlay and should help make your waterproof gear last longer.

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