Newton Running Sir Isaac

, January 4, 2012

Newton Running produces a shoe unlike any other I have ever worn, let alone run with. Alongside brands that vouch for the benefits of barefoot running, Newton defend a shoe that encourages natural running. I have been running with the Sir Isaac guidance trainers for a couple of months now and have found them to have caused two significant positive changes to the way I feel when I hit the road.

The first major transition involved moving my landing position from the heel to the midfoot. I immediately noticed the difference in shoe design when I tried these on, and was fairly wary of putting my trust in them. I then followed the advice mentioned in Danny Abshire’s book, ‘Natural Running’. Notable tips raised in the book include increasing one’s running cadence through smaller steps and also focusing on landing lightly beneath one’s hips.

Once I followed these steps and adjusted to this unique running style I found the second major difference. I have far fewer injuries during and after my runs, and can confidently attribute this to Newton Running and a transition to a natural running style.

The Sir Isaac trainers that I have been using act as guidance trainers. This means that their purpose is to help ease the runner into becoming comfortable with natural running, and adjust their bodies to it. The main technology that needs adjusting to is Newton’s patented Action/Reaction Technology, found in the the midsole. This technology provides a greater energy return than any other running shoe I have ever used. The emphasis with A/R Tech. is remarkably simple, and remarkably refreshing: ‘Run like you were born to run.’

The Sir Isaac’s also have high breathability and stretch panels for foot adjustment. I was impressed to learn that Newton Running is also dedicated to acting in an environmentally friendly manner by using recycled materials both in their shoe, and in their packaging boxes.

I’ve just started breaking in Newtons’s latest offering, the MV2 racing flats. The Sir Isaac has helped me become comfortable with this revolutionary style of running. Now that I have adjusted, I am extremely excited to see what it feels like to take the lightest Natural Running shoes ever made out for a run.

Useful information

  • UK RRP £120   | US MSRP $149 | RSA RRP R1, 199
  • Available in Men’s and Women’s from Newton’s online store.
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