Newton Running Gravity III

, May 24, 2015

It all began around Thanksgiving in 2011, dragging a friend through obscure retail outlets in Phoenix, Arizona just to find a shoe. If it weren’t for the promise of the four-way lugs and a new approach to running, I wouldn’t have dared take my host on such an determined search.

Born out of Boulder and a vision to reposition regular road running footwear, Newton Running has emerged as one of the most exciting brands in the sport. Like all great disruptive companies, Newton conjures up a sense of crisis, in this instance around the pandemic of heel striking.

For a long time, Newton relied on their four-lug system, a way of panelling the forefoot to encourage better running form. More recently their P.O.P. ‘point of purchase’ system has arrived alongside an extra lug to the shoe’s sole, replacing the four-way lug altogether.

This has generally gone down well; the four-lug system wasn’t as stable as the new setup, which offers a wider berth and better feel for the running surface. newton_running_distance_iii_sole The Gravity III is endowed with a P.O.P. 1 forefoot, a platform that engages and reflexes on impact and release. Meanwhile the heel is stabilised with a durable rubber ca[ that differentiates it from the Distance III, a shoe that you might go with for tempo runs of long races.

But despite the Gravity III’s moderate mileage reputation, they’re very well suited to racing 10ks, Half Marathons, Marathons and beyond. Both shoes have a similar drop (3mm for the Gravity, 2mm for the Distance), but you’re looking at $20 extra for the Gravity III (now discounted).

The Gravity IV is already on the market in an equally appealing colorway, but expect the Gravity III to stay in fashion for at least your next 200 miles.

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