Newton Running Distance III

, January 16, 2016

Like all good brands, Newton Running has established a clear series of product concepts in its running shoes, resulting in a manageable collection of differentiated offerings that cater for a range of training and racing focuses. Since I was versed on the training-orientated Gravity III from winter runs, I got hold of its contemporary race shoe, the Distance III, for some more intense training sessions and competitive efforts.

Strolling in with an almost edible peach upper, the Distance III toes the line for Newton when it comes to flashiness, a form that is coupled with the signature 5-lug sole system with P.O.P. 1 bounce. A 2mm toe-to-heel drop rewards mid-foot and forefoot runners, an efficiency that’s matched by a pretty stiff sole and aggressive race geometry.

Don’t expect the shoe to wear brilliantly if you’re slopping between your favourite coffee venues – the EVA heel will need a rubber cap for these excursions – but if you’re looking for something to perform under pressure, the Distance III ticks all boxes.

The Distance III isn’t widely available now (January 2016), so check out is evolved beast, the Distance IV, if you’re looking for comparable tech. I’ve just started using it – a golden first 100km.

Available from in the US and in the UK. In London, drop by Run-Fast, 28-30 Houndsditch, EC3A 7DB or Giant, St Paul’s to check out Newton’s line for yourself.