New Podcast Showcases Rewilding Across Europe

, February 28, 2023

Launched in January 2023, “The Rewild Podcast” follows photographer and filmmaker James Shooter as he visits and interviews the people behind a range of European rewilding projects. Shooter has partnered with Rewilding Europe to bring together the show, packing up his family, two children and dog to pursue a year on the road documenting the continent’s leading rewilding stories.

Each episode explores one European rewilding initiative during a max. 40-minute interview with several contributors from the project. Recordings are immersive, including on-site sounds of birds, flowing water and nature in motion, with music samples accompanying.

A first episode uncovers the work of Trees for Life in the Affric Highlands, one of Scotland’s case study rewilding operations and ninth member of Rewilding Europe’s landscape portfolio. Seagrass beds and oysters populations are the focus for the second recording with Seawilding, also in North-West Scotland at Loch Craignish.

Affric Highlands [Photo: James Shooter]

“My family and I are naturally excited at the thought of experiencing some of Europe’s finest wildest places,” Shooter explains. “But aside from this, I want to tell listeners some really informative, entertaining and inspiring stories through these podcasts. These days there’s always a lot of bad news about the environment and nature. I want to use this series to spread the positive message of rewilding – to demonstrate to people how it can and does enable nature recovery, and to showcase the range of benefits it can deliver. And through this message, hopefully get more people involved in the rewilding movement.”

Listen at or search “Rewild Podcast” wherever you listen to audio