Liquidrom Spa and Acoustic Pool, Berlin

, April 9, 2018

A city that has built a reputation on electronic music wouldn’t take long to discover that decibels move just as well through water as they do through the smoke-shrouded early hours of its nightclubs. In an agile move of German engineering and innovative underwater speaker technology, Liquidrom stands as a piece of wellness infrastructure that seems to time with an emphasis on health and the recent success of Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water.

Liquidrom is sunk into the foundations of the circular Tempodrom, a popular music venue west of Kreuzberg and south of Potsdamer Platz. The main feature of the spa is a domed room with a warm and highly saline tub, fastened down by underwater speakers. Noodle floats are available for the less buoyant bathers, just enough floatation to allows for a relaxed lean back and tucking of the ears below the surface of the water, in order to listen to the music. Electronic and classical genres fill the daytime playlists, while a DJ booth is in place for regular live performances which start at a sociable 7pm, and often fall on weeknights.


Beyond the main room are a pair of smaller tubs, one indoor and the other outdoor in a Japanese-inspired decked area. Outside tubs allow for full nude, themselves flanked by sun beds on Liquidrom’s most viable sun trap beneath the solar PV system of Tempodrom. Those who haven’t kicked the craving for the odd cigarette also have their nest, fortunately well out of the way of bathers.

Core spa facilities are threefold: a sauna, steam room, Himalayan Salt sauna and small plunge pool each find space at Liquidrom. The sauna is the most exceptional, noteworthy because of its comprehensive and frankly rigorous timetable. Various sessions take place throughout the day offering herbal and fruity scenting on the hour, carefully laid on by a motivating attendant. Fresh melon was even available on our exit.

Any visitors arriving on an empty stomach or eager to indulge in a half or even full day can make the most of Liquidrom’s kitchen which serves up fresh salads, bagels. Fresh lemonade and ginger were also available, as well as coffee with decent espresso.

Visit for a 2-hour window, half day or full day, combining access with treatments like hot stone massage and Indian Abhyanga massage to bundle together a package. Ballpark figures: €20 for two hours, €30 for the full-day. Towel rental is €3.50, with bathrobes and slippers also available for loan. Locker tokens are provided with entry, neatly linking to your ID to which guests charge selections at the restaurant. Important: if you’re visiting in a group (2+ people), you need to make a reservation so Liquidrom can gauge traffic – email to do this.

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