Julian Wilson – “Scratching the Surface” Surf Film

, February 11, 2011

“Scratching the Surface” has been one of the most highly anticipated surf films ever. Why? Firstly it is Julian Wilson’s first signature film. Secondly, it is the first feature length surf film to be shot entirely in HD – one of the contributing factors to its record breaking production costs.

Is it worth the hype? This is by any standards a top class surf film: with surfing from the likes of Dane Reynolds, Taj Burrow, Dusty Payne, Mick Fanning and of course Julian, editing above the industry par, and all in glistening HD. However, I felt that parts of the soundtrack were offensive and the film as a whole lacked originality. It seems that Red Bull and Quicksilver have pumped a heap of cash into this project and they’ve achieved exactly what they wanted: a stunning and captivating 45 minute advert. This having been said, it is compusory viewing, even if its just for the eyepopping visuals