Introducing Greater Goods & Flock Together

, January 26, 2021

In the brief moment between lockdowns, Arc’teryx’s London store held an event to promote Greater Goods products, sold in aid of Flock Together. Greater Goods make fashionable apparel out of recycled performance material, including Arc’teryx’s Gore-Tex stock. Flock Together was founded in 2020 by Londoners Ollie Olanipekun and Nadeem Perera  as collective that encourages and supports involving people of colour in birdwatching and the outdoors.

Copy from an event newspaper outlined Greater Good’s key proposition, delivered by designer Jaimus Tailor:

The collection focuses on reconstructing and repurposing damaged Arc’teryx products. Key elements from the original garments re preserved and translated into new forms while staying tue to the GIY nature of Greater Goods. Due to this approach each product is 1of 1 and totally unique with each product varying in colour and design. The collection features bottle bags, cross body side bags, tote bags, kimono style jackets and spliced jackets. All offset fabric created in the making process gets put to good use and creates the Gore-Tex Patchwork of the bottle bags, further helping to reduce waste.

Flock Together base themselves in East London, working to improve representation of POC in nature and the outdoors. They have an active Instagram account signposting their weekend wanderings in London’s backyard – green enclaves within a few miles of the city centre. Chapters are now being planned for New York and Toronto. Join them for their weekend outings.

For a comprehensive outline of Flock Together, read their Vogue and Hypebeast profiles, as well as this interview with two Creatives from the group. Find Greater Goods at