Interval Workouts for Distance Runners

, May 11, 2015

Adding a regular diet of speed-orientated track workouts into your running training is a good way to improve movement quality and increase motivation (reduce monotony). Signature sessions such as 8 x 400m and 6 x 200m create a simple framework for your track days, with the below being part of the more prestigious realm of elite training.

Here’s a small sample of track workouts that propose an interval-recovery structure that is controlled and measured.  Trying any of these will be provide a positive boost to your 5km or 10km training.

#TaylorSwift Shake It Out workout
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4 x 400 meters with 1 minute rest
1 lap easy jog recovery (3-5 minutes)
4 x 300 meters with 45 seconds rest

1 lap easy jog recovery (3-5 minutes)
4 x 200 meters with 30 seconds rest

600-Meter Breakdowns
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Warmup: Run 20 minutes easy, dynamic flexibility, strides
Main set: Run 2-3 x (600m, 400m, 300m, 200m fast with 300m jog recoveries)
Cooldown: Run 20 minutes easy

12 by 300s
From Alberto Salazar

Choose your interval length or amount of recovery. A one-minute recovery period or two-minute interval is a good guide for sub-40-minute 10k runners. If you run 40-50 minutes, start with a 2.30-minute total interval and don’t be against pampering yourself with a 2-minute recovery to begin with.

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