Haglöfs Sumo 75

, July 15, 2011

Haglöfs are recent nominees of Sweden’s ‘Fashion Export of The Year Award’ and as Scandinavia’s biggest outdoor equipment manufacturer they’ve got a reputation for pushing out top gear.  Catering to the demands of discerning outdoors experts, Haglöfs have garnered a reputation for  innovative, timeless design and a strong commitment to sustaining the environment their products are designed to be used within.

The Haglöfs Sumo 75 is a behemoth of a backpack, second in stature only to the Sumo 95 in Haglöf’s range and at a hefty 3kg, it is befitting of it’s ‘Sumo’ moniker. The pack has so many features that I had to use their excellent website to understand what all clips and loops are designed for.

It utilises their Contact Pro adjustable system, which means an ergonomic fit is attainable for any body shape or height.  The most striking feature of the bag when worn is the chunky hip belt.  Combined with the aluminium transfer rods, this setup prevents the weight (2okg in my case) digging into the deltoids and transfers it on to the hips.

The most remarkable aspect of the bag is the sheer number of features that make it equally at home on the Arctic tundra  (dual ice axe loops and sled hauling loops) or  Alpine treks (the top lid converts into a lumbar pack).  The Sumo swallowed 2 weeks worth of trekking and diving equipment during a recent trip to Montenegro.  Crucially, the vented foam backplate did not encourage excess perspiration in the midday heat.  It weighed just under 20kg fully loaded and an extra 5kg would be be at the limit of what would be manageable if you wanted to walk any sort of distance.

Haglöfs did not become Sweden’s biggest outdoor manufacturer by accident.  As with all their products, the Sumo 75 smacks of ingenuity, experience and quality and although the Sumo 75 does come up a little heavy, it’s full of features and neat design to challenge any pack on the market. With a bit of flair in the styling department, Haglöfs reaffirm their Scandinavian heritage to create some variety for backpackers in the modern world.

Useful Information

  • RRP £250
  • Available from OutdoorKit
  • Haglöfs dealer locator
  • Haglöfs and Sustainability.