Gore Running Wear Air Lady Jacket

, November 27, 2010

Since 1997, Gore Running Wear has sought to combine the best possible materials and technologies in high-tech apparel for runners.  The Gore Air Lady jacket combines Windstopper® technology with mesh vents to create a lightweight but warm garment for the distance athlete.

As the name suggest, the Air Lady is designed with the female runner in mind.  It has a slim, sculpted fit which hugs the body as you scythe across a bustling city centre or open moorland.  The Air Lady is more of a spring/summer garment, as illustrated by the dramatic mesh panels sewn strategically to cool the underarm. This serves to create a temperate equilibrium; the core remains warm, but the extremities benefit from the circulation of fresh air.

After wearing this jacket in a variety of conditions, I am very impressed with the Windstopper technology; windproof and water resistant, the Air Lady lets you get on with your training unhindered by the weather.  However, in the extremities of both cold and rain, I’d wear something more substantial. Furthermore, in optimising the lightweight nature of the jacket Gore has compromised on pockets, with only one just short of being big enough for a mobile phone. Note too that the black version of the jacket has no integrated high-visibility bands so opt for one of the brighter colours on offer if you’re concerned about safety here.

If you’re looking for a light performance jacket that compliments dry to mild conditions then definitely check out the Air Lady.  The jacket demonstrates breathability at its best with superb ventilation that will keep you cool when your times are red hot.

Useful information

  • RRP £99.99
  • Men’s version of the Air Lady
  • Purchase direct from gorerunningwear.co.uk
  • Colours available for Women: Red, Pink and Black. And for Men: Red, Blue, Orange and Black.