Gore Bike Wear Contest Short

, September 1, 2012

I have a soft spot for Gore Bike Wear products…right between my legs! Some cyclists seem to be able to wear any padded lycra short, tights and biblong they like with indifference to the subtle nuances of pad shape and style. Unfortunately I’m not one of them and I find many shorts just don’t fit me very well. Other cyclists that I ride with, many of whom are outdoor instructors like me, are equally picky about their lycra and fiercely loyal to a particular brand which suits them. From my perspective if I’m out instructing at adventure aberdeen’s Speyside residential centre at Cromdale for a week I can often end up in cycling shorts for three long days in a row. My cycling shorts have to be comfortable for driving, loading trailers, wandering round on foot and for consecutive long days in the saddle.

The Gore Bike Wear Contest Shorts are the cheapest cycling shorts Gore make and can often be found discounted as they are a long standing product that stays in their range year on year. Compared with lycra shorts from other manufacturers who make less-expensive sub-£20 shorts that look similar, the Gore stand out. However, the Contest shorts are a basic, yet quality product that epitomises what I love about Gore Bike Wear kit.

The detailing on these shorts is worth the extra: the brilliant silicone leg grippers and wide flat waistband keep these shorts in place and the fabric is smooth and snag free after 500km+ of riding. By comparison I have a much more expensive set of Gore Bike Wear Power bib-tights and I was sceptical as to whether the Contest shorts would be as well made and comfortable.

The reality is that on the bike they feel the same and offer the same level of comfort for long rides. As the Contest shorts can be concealed easily under baggies I have used them frequently for this job and can report that they are excellent as a liner for a wide range of baggies and waterproof shorts. As a stand alone item they are a bit old-school in that they are quite a short…er short! So only the body beautiful, the well shaved and all-over tanned need apply… the perfect short for Jack Richard’s as he cycled Across Europe!

Alas though, I’m not parting with mine as the combination of an unobtrusive well-made pad, excellent stretch and great tailoring and the price means I won’t be giving mine up in a hurry. If they fit you then you’ll struggle to find a better short at the price. Throughly tested and thoroughly recommended!

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