GoPro HD Hero

, February 2, 2011

GoPro are Californian-based company whose big break came with the GoPro HD Hero in late 2009. The camera revolutionised the way people record their sporting endeavours and for many, the GoPro HD Hero is the default choice.

The GoPro HD Hero records video in up to 1080p and 60fps and can take 5 megapixel stills.  It comes in a variety of guises, such as the ‘Helmet Hero’ pack, which comes with a number of helmet straps and mounts, to ‘Surf Hero’ which comes with a suction mount for a surfboard.  All HD Heros come with a waterproof casing.  One can add to the basic pack with an ever-growing array of mounts for almost every sporting application.

The first thing that strikes you when you open the box is just how small the camera actually is.  In an age of complex electronic appliances,  the GoPro is refreshingly simple, having only two buttons.  The camera is very easy to use and the programs can be customised to your needs. The GoPro currently has no viewfinder (although a detachable LCD screen is available as an extra), this may seem like a hindrance, but the fisheye lens means that it is very difficult to miss what you’re shooting.

Once the footage has been captured, the GoPro continues to impress with its high quality of playback, have a look at clip below for some examples.  It is astounding that a camera so compact, and so cheap, can produce results that would not look out of place in a film.  With the Hero HD, GoPro has given everyone the opportunity to star.

Useful Information

  • RRP £240
  • Available from Ellis Brigham