FULLMARKS Outdoor Stores, Japan

, May 31, 2017

Tokyo locals have a fine eye for quality outdoors gear, with a range of stores catering to a special kind of urban outdoors style. Stroll through the boutique quarters that cling discretely onto the streets of Shibuya and Harajuku and you’ll come across collections that you won’t ever see sold in the West.

Move away from these bespoke lines and you’ll find yourself in the upper echelon of brands that you are familiar with. The likes of Norrøna, POC and Hestra are the staple choice for FULLMARKS, a small chain of brilliant outdoor stores with a Japanese eye for curation.

There are multiple stores in Tokyo, with others found in likely adventure hubs:

Beyond their core retail offering, FULLMARKS are interesting for finding people and outdoors events to latch onto. They list these events on their website, but be sure to mark down their locations ahead of your city visits and drop-in to find out what’s cool, or what’s yet to be cool.