Freitag: Wrought by the Freeway and Sewn from the Seed

, June 16, 2017

For the past twenty years, Daniel and Markus Freitag have been slicing up unwanted lorry taps, fashioning them into the desired accessories of discerning Europeans. Their industrial heritage found a place in the heart of Europe, born alongside Lake Zurich and the brand’s flagship HQ, a 7-storey tower made of freight containers.

This robust backdrop has now been met by the softer yarns of Freitag’s clothing line. Though the brothers have moved away from upcycling unwanted material to sourcing brand new yarn, their commitment to reducing the impact of fashionable wears is enduring. On Freitag’s website, they directly question the need for global, multi-directional supply chains, “Do textiles really have to be shipped across the world three times over before they reach us?”

The new yarn is called “F-ABRIC”, sourced from hemp, flax and Modal from European farms at the beginning of a supply chain that falls with a 2500-kilometer radius of the Zurich factory. Below is a snap from a pioneering effort to travel between each of their suppliers through self-propelled means (yes, the brothers are still mad).


F-ABRIC wears well on the skin, qualifying for Product Class 1 of the Oeko-Tex Standard while the raw ingredients of hemp, flax and Modal are require only a low water intensity during growth. Modal’s fibers are similar to those of cotton, made from the cellulose from beechwood which is self-propagating, so no replanting is needed for a perennial harvest to set in place.

Depending on your knowledge of these natural sources, it may not surprise you then that the fabric is also 100% naturally biodegradable. Yes, you can simply remove metallic buttons from your Freitag clothes and throw the remaining threads in the composter alongside your tomatoes and broccoli stalks.

Intrigued? Watch the video above or head to for a further weave.