Five Ten Canyoneer 2

, October 26, 2011

In 1985 Five Ten introduced the world to Stealth rubber, a technology that increased the amount of weight a climber could apply before the bonds between the rubber and the rock break. Since then, Five Ten has developed a whole range of Stealth rubbers and shoes for all types of adventure.

Designed with the world’s top canyoneers, the Canyoneer 2 brings that exceptional grip to the river. Alongside a durable and super grippy sole, it features a dual buckle closure system designed for use in the water, extra heel and ankle support to protect your feet from hard hits, a permeable mesh upper and drain holes in the sides which allow water to move through and, finally, a reinforced toe piece to protect your feet from the harsh environment of the river bed.

I have been using the Canyoneer 2 as a whitewater kayaking shoe. Its superior grip is instantly noticeable and has enabled me to move with greater ease on rivers banks, an adaptation which I find particularly useful when setting up safety or when portaging rapids. When walking in a river, even on uneven riverbeds in fast flowing water, the Canyoneer is comfortable and supportive and I found myself constantly amazed at the grip it provided.

I found the fit to be a little strange as the ankle support makes the Canyoneer 2 hard to put on, but once on it does then feel roomy. Furthermore, after a week’s use I had become accustomed to putting them on and no longer noticed this initial difficulty. I also found that although the robust straps worked well, they limited the adjustment available which made getting a totally secure fit difficult. Once on, however, the Canyoneers remained comfortable even for the longest days on the river. Coupled with a warm pair of socks, a dry suit and some neoprene socks these shoes have kept my feet toasty and secure even when there was snow on the ground.

The major downside of the shoe, for kayaking, is the size. It is really bulky and I had to adjust my foot plate to the maximum in order to fit in my boat. That said, it is not specifically a kayaking product and I look forward to testing the Water Tennie; Five Ten’s new water shoe designed more with kayaking in mind. Overall, the amazing grip that the Stealth rubber produces outweighs any other issues I have had with the shoe.

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