FARMHOUSE58, Cradle of Humankind, near Johannesburg

, December 29, 2023

Located on the outskirts of Pretoria and Johannesburg, FARMHOUSE58 is a rural hotel that leans into the heritage of the Kromdraai Valley in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site. An emphasis on retreat, simplicity and nature defines FARMHOUSE58 where a collection of farm buildings have been converted to service a healthy break on the high veldt. The Cradle also happens to be the choice training destination for Johannesburg, with several thousand runners and road cyclists using the relatively safe local roads for training on weekends.

The hotels’ 18 rooms are located in different buildings across the site with refined, rustic interiors. Rammed earth and rainwater harvesting are abundant, with further plans to generate electricity on-site. The central reservation hub is housed in a converted barn with a selection of books, nooks and writing desks for time outside the room.

Lapa Lounge by pool

The essentialist approach to interiors in the rooms is matched by a paired-back menu at on-site restaurants – The Shed being the HQ for breakfast and dinner. The Lapa Lounge is located in an open-plan space adjacent to the swimming pool, complete with coffee setup and a lighter menu. Located at the end of FARMHOUSE58’s driveway is NATURA co-lab at NIROX sculpture park.

Swimming pond at FARMHOUSE58

​The majority of staff at FARMHOUSE58 are from the local community, with continued training and employment programmes planned as the hotel expands.

Training Notes

FARMHOUSE58’s backdoor has 40km of trails carving up into the hills and kopjes overlooking Cradle of Humankind. Complete the trails without a map or book the hotel’s on-site running coach, Thomas. He’s an accomplished marathon runner and coach for the local youth running team.

To join the c. 3,000 cyclists spinning out early in the morning at the end of FARMHOUSE58’s driveway, rent your own road bike from Johannesburg. Alternatively, make the most of guest-access to mountain bikes which will soon be part of the FARMHOUSE58 offering.

Swimmers can use the on-site swimming pond – long enough to complete a workout with 50m lengths. There are also recreational dipping pools within half a mile of the grounds.

Yoga is available at the hotel by appointment, and an open-air gym provides some basic dumbbells and barbells.

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