Endura Road Overshoe

, February 20, 2011

I have tried a few different pairs of overshoes but since getting my first pair of Endura Road Overshoes, I wouldn’t hesitate replacing them with a new pair when they are worn out. Now on my third pair of Endura Road Overshoes, I swear by them as one of my most trustworthy pieces of gear.

The thick neoprene keeps feet warm and dry in even the worst conditions. They have strips of reflective material down the back seam that catches car headlights as feet oscillate up and down resulting in additional nighttime visibility. The neoprene lining is easy to clean and although the soft surface is susceptible to small nicks these damages are only superficial and do not impede on the product’s performance. A Kevlar base holds the neoprene together well, ensuring that the stress put through the product is distributed and absorbed by the entire surface area.

Fit is very important for any pair of overshoes, and the Endura overshoe does well.  Whereas some baggy overshoes catch, rub and wear, the neoprene of the Endura Road overshoe can be stretched tightly over the shoe resulting for a good, aerodynamic tight fit.

There is a zip which runs the entire length of the rear of the overshoe that aids easy fitting and removal.  However it is this zip that has been the point of failure on both the previous two pairs of these overshoes I have owned.

If Endura could increase the life span of the zip then these would be a perfect product.  Even with this weakness these overshoes are fantastic value at just £23.99 and I would be very reluctant to give them up.

Useful information

  • RRP £23.99
  • Unisex fit available from here.
  • About Endura