Endura Luminite Overshoes

, May 17, 2011

As the first snow fell at Christmas time, my flatmate, his girlfriend and I decided to go riding. The roads had cleared and with forecasters predicting blizzards, there was a general consensus that this might be our last opportunity to ride together for a little while. Having neglected to replace a pair of overshoes ruined in the summer, I set off without. After forty minutes riding on sodden roads, I realised this to be a mistake and after three hours I was convinced that the balls of my feet had frozen to my cleats.

Having witnessed the painful thawing-out process first hand, my flatmate gave me some new overshoes for my Christmas. He chose Endura’s Luminite, made of a stretched waterproof fabric with taped seams. The design is simple and the shoes are attached by velcro fastenings behind the cleat, at the heel and up the back. The overshoe can be opened up fully, allowing an adjustable fit and ensuring that putting them on is hassle free, even when wearing gloves. However, the real beauty of the design lies in the fact that, although adjustable, the end result is still a tight (and aerodynamic) fit. The Luminite is compatible with almost all kinds shoe and cleats.

The overshoes have proved invaluable during a long and rainy winter. They are impressively waterproof, even on longer rides and have prevented any repeat of my pre-Christmas woes. Additionally, the nature of the material allows for easy cleaning and the velcro fastenings have proved durable. Note that on particularly cold days the Luminite is not as warm as some of Endura’s other offerings, notably the neoprene Road Overshoe. In minus temperatures, toes will be a little uncomfortable by the end of a two hour ride. However, this can be largely remedied with a good pair of waterproof socks. The upshot is that the overshoes can be used in comfort well into the spring.

In short, the Endura Luminite overshoe is a versatile, effective and durable product which, at £24.99, represents good value for money. However, those who wear overshoes in only the coldest conditions may wish to consider the Road Overshoes instead.

Useful Information

  • RRP £24.99
  • Available from Chain Reaction Cycles.
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