Dragon Alliance APX

, March 11, 2012

In the eyes of a number of premium goggle brands, bigger is always better. For many, wider lenses, fatter frames and chunky straps are more than just features of effective branding – they are assurances of quality design. But this season, Dragon Alliance have reassessed this paradigm with their snow team in Silverton, Colorado, releasing in their APX goggle a new perspective that has since reigned supreme from snowy peaks worldwide.

The most striking feature of the APX is its massive lens and comparitevely slender flexible frame. Not only is the APX’s ‘Less Is More’ Infinity Lens Technology definitively badass to look at, but it also offers an almost frameless ride down the mountain. Meanwhile, the dual layer lens system allows for the placement of eight hooks that connect to the frame and allow for a quick and easy change of lens by the hour.

The minimilast frame is connected to a strap that is thinner than normal for Dragon, adding a vintage touch to this cutting edge design. As a final touch, the hardshell case that comes with the APX is substantial, protective and pretty stylish.

During testings in Whistler in mixed December weather, I found no real fault in the APX. Between goggle-off situations with the Nikon and icy blizzards on the glacier, the APX didn’t fog up, remaining a trusty ally. With such a minimilist design, perhaps you could anticipate a weakness in the structure of the product over time if a flexible frame proves problematic in the long-term. Nevertheless, during my one-month with the product, the product stayed intact and fully functional.

The APX presents a neat combination of maximum and minimum with this super-efficient goggle. By offering maximal peripheral vision, the brand has not only launched a product onto the wishlists of thousands, but set a new standard of google design that resasses the traditional big frame and fat strap mentality of the 2000s.

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