Day 12: Postojna to Krk, Croatia

, August 9, 2011

Today has been a much better day. I have escaped wet Slovenia and arrived in the warm, dry and sunny Croatian Adriatic coast. My moral boosted by the excitement of a new county, better weather and strong legs.

This morning I went and checked out the Postojnska Jama cave, the largest cave network in Europe. It was an awesome sight and the size of the underground rooms was amazing. Although a real tourist honey-pot it’s done well and the tour was very good. Returning back to the campsite about 4km away from the cave, I packed away my sodden tent and got set to leave. Last night I met the Nicholson family from Lancaster at the campsite. It was nice to chat to some Brits again, the first I have seen during my whole trip! I waved goodbye to them and marched south, with my jacket on and dreaming of sun.

It was remarkable how the blue sky appeared in front of me as the rain stopped. I could feel the temperature rising and after 15km I had my jacket off. I knew I was set for a winner today as I started at 600m and was heading to the sea, somewhere I had to get some down. Clearing the Croatian border after lunch, my altimeter was still putting me at 400m and now I had just 20km to the coast. I had a great run down to the sea. Amazingly my Suunto T6d got the altitude bang on, reading 2m as I joined the coast road.

I pedalled along to the industrious port of Rijeka, not at all the scenic Dalmatian coast city I was hoping for. Instead oil refineries and ship yards line the coast. Around the bay however things looked up, and as I rode over the magnificent bridge to the island of Krk.

the scenery was fantastic. I am now at camp, my tent pitched 10m from the sea and a cool breeze drying out all my belongings. I stopped at 122km, not bad for a half day’s riding.

I hadn’t really planned Croatia so I have spent much of this evening with a good map I acquired today, sussing out the best route down to Dubrovnik and into Montenegro. I have a rough plan now for the remainder of the trip and a more concrete plan for tomorrow. I am going to hop from Krk to Rab and then on to Pag. A day on idillic Croatian islands sounds pretty appealing.

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