Day 4: Alessandria to Cremona

, August 1, 2011

If the route I took today was to be used in the Giro d’Italia then the guide book would read: ‘a pan flat stage ideally suited to the sprinters. The organisers must have had Mark Cavendish in mind when they put this stage together’.

I anticipate that today will be the most dull day of my trip. I always knew that cutting through the flat planes of north Italy would not be very inspiring but I also knew that 3 solid weeks in the hills would not get me to Montenegro in time for my flight home. So today, job done. I stopped the clock at 159km, and in doing so set myself up for a more exciting day tomorrow and made sure that I’d be in good shape for the rest of the week.

My route today took me from last night’s camp 7km north of Alessandria along the SS10 to Piacenza and on to Cremona. I sit now at camp on the banks of the Po.

Today I got my touring tactics nailed. An early start and 110 km in before lunch, then a few hours off the bike sitting in the shade eating. In these temperatures (34C) riding through the heat of the day makes little sense. Then I finished off my riding arriving here around 1830.

Italian campsites are less frequent than in France and more expensive. However, the restaurants attached are cracking value and so far have supplied me with very good food. I see little point in getting the stove out when I can get a 3 course dinner for 10 euros.

Other than my rapidly increasing espresso consumption, the impressive depth to my tan and my staggering calorie intake, I have little to report.

Tomorrow I head north, ride the entire length of Lake Garda before stopping at the lakes north tip. Well that’s the plan at least.

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