Cosmo Hotel, Mitte, Berlin

, May 14, 2018


For all its credentials as a trendy European city, Berlin can be an exhausting place to spend time. Keeping up with the cool kids requires an unrelenting appetite for late nights and a fortified ear drum. Fixing a comfortable retreat from this onslaught is recommended for survival, or rather to get the most out the Germany’s capital. As well as being a popular place for nightlife, the central neighbourhood of Mitte has its fair share of designer hotels, with Cosmo Hotel being one formidable, well-priced offering.

Bedroom, light softened by curtains.


Impressive spread that seems to extend half a block, with muesli, yoghurts, nuts


Fresh bread and fruit juices

Training Notes

Cosmo’s location on the southern side of Mitte puts is right next a runnable canal and 25m swimming pool. Cyclists might enjoy