Columbia Trail Pro Crew

, July 18, 2011

As a key product in Columbia’s trail running armoury, the Trail Pro Freezer Crew reflects the brand’s efforts to innovate and design for an emerging adventure activity. While many apparel and footwear brands jostle for recognition in trail running, Columbia have developed the Trail Pro to create a unique product with a simple effectiveness that mirrors similar inroads on the backpack scene made by the now legendary Mobex. Though more minimalist and sport-specific, the the Trail Pro garners similar support and adoration.

I’ve been using the tee over the last two seasons in my trail and multisport activities, mainly on warmer days in the summer, but also during some penetrating spring showers in Scotland. Although the product features three of Columbia’s leading technologies of Omni-Freeze, Omni-Shade, Omni-Wick, the Trail Pro’s overall functionality can be located in one simple fact – breathability.

As well as being thin and lightweight, the Trail Pro has extra breathable panels on the areas that sweat the most – the back, the sides and the chest. And though the garment as a whole is generally very good at wicking and spreading moisture across the body, these extra panels aid cooling using Omni-Freeze’s flat yarn features. I found it impossible to saturate the top with moisture and it only became damp on the back after I finished my trail session and stopped developing natural ventilation.

Beyond the immediate wickabity factor of the Trail Pro, this performance tee is also amazingly comfortable. I normally feel that Columbia tees come up tight around the neck but the Trail Pro’s humble stretchability is a pleasure to work with. I used the Trail Pro on a cycle across Switzerland because of its cooling fit and would take this piece of apparel on any multisport activity that involves running from now on.

Though less eye catching than the ‘hamster-tent’ Mobex, the Trail Pro makes a similar bid to be the ultimate lifestyle product in its sector. Keep an eye out for this product in the shops and have a feel to believe its softness too.

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