Columbia Shimmer Me Timbers Jacket

, January 9, 2013

In the Cairngorms, Winter 2012 © Ross McEwen

I got hold of a Columbia Shimmer Me Timbers Jacket in 2010 as a run around for Edinburgh where I live and endure winters in the UK. Though the brand has since released its second version of the jacket (here hyperlinked), I got hold of the product when Columbia’s patented Omni-Heat technology was fresh in the market. With ambitious claims, the pocker dotted, Omni-Heat lining was appealing, fitting for life in the Athens of the North.

My ‘Shimmer’ was never purchased for extreme outings into the outdoors. Though discontinued in the second version, the odd brown colour of my jacket can be best explained by tendencies to keep in line with fashion, rather than find a jacket fitting the Scottish Highlands. Nevertheless, the jacket has proved itself along the unpredictable streets of Edinburgh, and during occasional visits to the Highlands.

For an insulated jacket, the Omni-Heat is remarkable minimalist, making for a slim cut and a light ‘throw on’. Though the jacket isn’t entirely waterproof, it is warm to zero degree celsius making it suited to most urban commutes and fair weather adventures. The jacket’s main features include a hood (adjustable), two external pockets, one internal pocket and elasticated sleeves. Minalism really is the theme here and for £110 and three years of wear, I’m pretty happy with my investment in this Omni-Heat pioneer.

Useful information

  • Available from in the US for $105.90, and in the UK for £110.
  • Men’s only.
  • Available in blue, black, ebony blue and green.
Up against some worthy competitors at Faindouran Bothy © Ross McEwen