Columbia Mobex Sprint Backpack

, July 27, 2011

The Columbia Mobex Sprint is a scaled down version of the original Mobex, a forerunner to Columbia’s trail running launch collection. If anything, the smaller nature of the Sprint has further strengthened the qualities of its larger sibling, streamlining an entirely functional piece of kit. Most importantly, the weight of the bag has decreased to 650 grams while the design has been simplified for smaller loads and speedy sessions on the trail.

The Sprint’s main compartment can be accessed easily by zipping the shell away from the backplate, right to the base of the bag. This feature enables you to get an item out from the bottom of the pack without removing the entirety of contents, really handy when you’re in a rush or want to order your belongings. Keys and phone can be held in a tight zip pocket at the top of the bag whilst energy bars and other items that are needed on the go can be stored in the waist strap pockets. Elastic pouches on the exterior create space for overflow or quick-grabs like water or a map.


Beyond its load bearing credentials, the Mobex Sprint attends to the finer details. The material used is not only drizzle-proof, but incredibly easy to clean. The straps for the bag are highly ventilated which makes the bag a joy to wear during long periods of exercise, whilst even the zips have durable and oversized toggles to make using them as convenient as possible.

Yet ultimately the standout feature of the bag is the bracing that encircles the outer shell of the bag. Not only do the orbiting poles aesthetically dominate, they define how the bag performs. These simple braces allow the bag to keep its shape, which, when combined with the firm back and compact design, mean that the bag is secure and steady on the trail. The braces are also bendy and compressible for when your looking to pack it into a suitcase.

Though the Mobex Sprint sits in Columbia’s trail running collection, its just as useful on the bike.  The only hinderance here would be the long waist strap which, so vital when running, becomes irritating, dangling too low if unstrapped, but creating hassle if constantly clipped and unclipped.

Despite the length of the waist strap, the Mobex Sprint sits in a similar position of grace for Zafiri. Innovative and efficient, the Mobex Sprint deserves recognition amongst the wide selection of daypacks on the market.

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