Columbia Hellrider

, May 17, 2011

For mountain bike enthusiasts and trail runners in the London area there’s a new event worth checking out – the Columbia Hellrider.  The challenge includes mountain biking and trail running and not only adds an extra duathlon to the racing calendar, but promotes a stunning outdoor location at National Trust site of West Wycombe Park, less than an hour’s train journey from the centre of London. Clic Sergent are the official charity partner for the event and offer a free fundraising pack and race vest to their entrants.


The course is made up of two separate loops: one 8km circuit for the bike, and one 5km trail for the run. The challenge can be completed by individuals, teams of three or teams of five. Individuals and teams both have eight hours in which to complete as many loops as possible. Each team member is required to complete at least one circuit of the bike loop and one circuit of the run loop during the eight hours. Loops can be completed by any member of the team so long as the team’s efforts alternate between the bike and the run loops. Only one athlete per team can be running or cycling at any one time.

The team or individual that completes the most amount of loops in the allocated time period wins their category. If the two teams or individuals have done the same amount of laps towards the end of the eight hours, they are each allowed to complete their final lap. The time in which the final lap is completed determines the ranking between teams with the same amount of laps.

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Getting there responsibly

The event is at West Wycombe Park (HP14 3AE) which is off the M40 if you’re coming by car (parking on site). Alternatively take the train to High Wycombe Station and take a taxi or cycle the 2 miles to the site.

Useful information

Entry: £40 (includes a Columbia Hellrider t-shirt worth £25)
Start time: 1000hrs, 4th June 2011.
Kit: mountain bikes (request rental on entrance form), a bike helmet and appropriate footwear.

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