Climbing Centre in Brunico, Italy

, May 18, 2017

If you’re into road cycling, mountain biking or climbing, you’re bound to pass through Brunico at some point. The largest town in the Puster Valley in South Tyrol, Brunico serves as a major transport hub that spits you into a range of challenging and sublime surroundings.

To the south, the 50km Sella Ronda Mountain Bike Route wraps over a pristine Dolomites background, now a UNESCO world heritage site. Carve a similar route on the road bike in the Maratona dles Dolomites if you fancy 138km / 4230m of climbing.

Jump out of the saddle and into your climbing shoes and this terrain opens up even more. Most recently, the completion of Reinhold Messner’s constellation of museums speckle the region with more brilliant designs.


But right in Brunico, you’ll also find the stunning Climbing Centre “Kletterzentrum” with indoor and outdoor spaces. Set against the modest Italian architecutre in downtown Brunico, this wall climbs into the sky with grandeur, the kind of majesty normally spared for museums and galleries in modern cities.

This archictecture hosts a 17m climbing wall, with an indoor area of c. 1370 m2 and outdoor space c. 450 m2 covering 3a-8b + difficulty. Space for 84 climbing lines inside and 45 outside, with roughly 230 boulders  ranging from AF | fb4a-fb8b. Not just a good looking building, in other words.

Pricing is €11.90 flexible, with A 2-hr rate offered during weekdays, while renting gear €3 for each of your harness, shoes and rope. There is paid parking right next to the site, and Brunico train station is a 4-minute walk from the entrance.