Changa Safari Camp, Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe 

, July 13, 2017

Zimbabwe’s northern frontier is well defined, with Lake Kariba marking the border with Zambia and a hotspot for wildlife enthusiasts from across Africa. On the southern reaches of the lake is the rugged 1,400 kmMatusadona National Park, part of which Changa Safari Camp calls home.

Changa is an intimate tented accommodation with a maximum occupancy of 24 visitors. Standard and luxury tents speckle a waterfront setting, with a thatched communal zone for meals and relaxing. The property’s secluded setting and comfortable quarters make it an ideal launchpad for ambitious day trips into the Matusadona.

Fishing and safari are two of the property’s prime pursuits, with the ominious tiger fish occuping the entire theme of an October fishing event that has been running for over 50 years. Early morning or late-afternoon walks also offer a good way to stretch the legs, as does jumping on the property’s boat to get to Sanyati Gorge where you can enjoy 10km of allocated walking trails.

Changa’s conservation efforts make up a key part of the property’s mission. The property participates in the Matusadona Lion Project (MLP), aimed at working to connect habitat with the wider Sebungwe region and Eastern part of the Kavango-Zambezi Trans-Frontier Conservation Area. Meanwhile the Matusadona Anti-Poaching Project (MAPP) is doing good work in reducing illegal hunting activitity within th National Park.


You’ll notice that Changa is also wonderfully inaccessible by overland vehicle – guests normally arrive via an airstrip, another 15-minutes by speed boat from the camp itself. This setting is fairly unique in a corner of tourism which is increasingly paved and pampered, even in its more remote settings.

Green (wetter) season is from early January to late-March, mid-season from April to the end of June, then high-season from the beginning of July until the end of October. Pricing is reflected in these three bands. Changa is also linked with The Hide, Hwange and offer specials to stay at the two properties over a sequence of six nights.

Have a glance of this mesmerising video to get a feel for the property and its setting.