Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones Review

, September 27, 2017

The latest era of wireless earphones promises to change the music listening experience tremendously – you can now completely dress and undress without removing your headset. For sports people, wireless headphones offer a more profound experience, removing the need for any kind of cautious running, riding or climbing style as your bound forth to your favourite beat.

Bose’s offering in the form of the SoundSport Wireless (in-ear) Headphones is typically robust. Though the headphones don’t integrate the company’s Quiet Comfort technology, the audio is excellent and the buds tolerant of the sweaty, waxy insides of my ears; I’ve used mine for over a hundred hours of training this year and I can still discern the subtle weaves of The xx’s entire 39-minute “I See You” LP. The fact that they actually don’t break is well worth buying into, not least because of its implications for Bose’s overall environmental defensibility.

Battery life is worth keeping in mind – six hours of play time. Purchasing the SoundSport charging case is recommended, making sure you’ve got a further 18 hours of listening before your next charge. I was told by the salesperson that the charging case also ensures the headphones don’t get “overcharged” and ruined, which is what would happen if you left them plugged them into the mains for over an hour. But it’s a neat carrying case at least, and offers some extra room for a credit card and cash.

The build quality of the headphones is classic Bose, with a rubber flap snapping over the charging entry point, and a tactile toggle for volume, track-skip / pause. Beyond the snug buds and their replacability, there’s not much more to the Bose SoundSport – good news since this minimal approach adds up to a slender 23g of electronics. Bose have since launched their “Free” with zero connecting wire (more like the AirPods), but the connecting string is totally fine for now, and any undressing.

As a final touch: when you turn on your SoundSport headphones, a charging status is called out as a percentage, and the assistant also lets you know what device they are looking for, and the pair have successfully connected.

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