Black Diamond launch BDTV

, September 27, 2015

For Autumn 2015, alpinists Black Diamond launch a new online film series to document their take on climbing and backcountry. Three winter episodes come first, stoking audiences with powder turns and brooding mountain faces in discreet parts of central Sweden, Utah and the now iconic La Grave, France.

With Mattias Fredriksson and UK-based Spindle Productions behind the cameras, we’re in for a good show. To get going, check out the first episode featuring ski mountaineer Henrik Westling, one year into balancing his own outdoors store with the commitments to family and the mountains.

After suffering from the stresses of the business, Westling reorientates:

From one day to another I decided, we should not work full-time with this job. It’s more important that we live cheap and can ski again.

Check in again to Black Diamond’s YouTube channel in mid-October for an episode from Utah’s Wasatch Mountains.