Black Diamond Iota Headlamp

, August 22, 2016

Take a glance at Black Diamond’s latest Iota Headlamp and you’ll easily dismiss its size and tiny profile as something nearer to a fairy light than a robust illuminator of the great outdoors. Indeed with a slender strap and simple lighting unit, the Iota is certainly miniature and lightweight.

But any discerning outdoorsman wouldn’t jump to conclusions and throw a shadow over this rechargeable LED headlamp from Black Diamond. Rather, any lighting system strutting such minimalism should be taken into the dark, in this case a 150-lumen beam against the night.

Aside from its potency, there are no sacrifices to the versatility of the Iota. Power settings range from full strength to dimmer mode to strobe, with distance ratings switching between 50m and 7m from full to dim. Corresponding battery life for the two settings are solid enough for day patrolling, 3 hours at full strength and an estimated 40 hours in dimmer mode. The light can also angle up and down, presenting a beam right in front of your feet or directly ahead at eye level.


As for safety measures and negotiating your beers off the trail, the three-level power meter gives you plenty of warning about time left under light, while a lockout feature ensures you didn’t turn the headlamp on as you wedged open your beer.

Charge the lithium ion battery to full in 3 hours via USB when you get back home, and wake the next day for that burn-off run. After all, this is how it should be, according to the Iota’s product description: “…fast morning training sessions and evening hikes before beers.”

Note: standard package does not come with a mains outlet – you will need a laptop to charge via USB.