Beet It

, July 7, 2011

In a new, shot-sized bottle the lowly beetroot has been transformed. Neglected for centuries for its rubrific stigma, the beetroot and its tainted reputation have been resurrected by natural drinks maker James White in the form of the branded drink, Beet It.

Following research into the therapeutic benefits of beetroot juice in reducing high blood pressure, scientists then looked at the advantages of nitrates as a sports supplement. The William Harvey Institute has taken beetroot juice and conducted research to find out its effects on vascular contraction and dilation. Meanwhile Exeter University Sports Science have been testing athletes and changes to their oxygen efficiency and stamina levels after taking the shot.

According to research by Exeter University, increased nitrate levels widen blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and allowing greater blood flow. As well as having this immediate effect, nitrates also increase muscular efficiency by reducing the amount of oxygen needed to supply their activity during exercise. Find out more about this research on the Beet It Research Page.

Though the product is now widely used in sport to enhance endurance amongst elite athletes, resuscitating the beetroot’s reputation amongst non-athletes has proved trickier. For non-juice lovers, the 70ml Beet It shots include a dash of lemon juice to compliment the organic beetroot. If this doesn’t tempt you, then note the health benefits, recollect a famous pop song and just Beet It.

Get hold of your own Beet It shots at the James White shop and keep an eye on the Beet It blog for more flavoursome updates.