Armada JJ (2011) Powder Ski

, February 2, 2011

Although relative newcomers to the snow scene, Armada have quickly risen to become market leaders in freeride ski equipment. Their focused product range and professional technology puts their skis at the top of their class. The JJ is their flagship all mountain powder ski. With all the aspects that a modern powder ski should have – tip and tail freeride rocker, AR50 sidewalls, a 50/50 Base and a hybrid ultra core – I thought a testing was in order.

The Armada JJ encourages you to ski conditions you’d normally avoid, steamrolling through crud, chopped powder and late season slush with authority. In the deep powder they really come into their own; whether shredding big mountain lines to threading through the trees, the JJ gives you the confidence to rip them hard. They offer float and stability that is much needed in powder, but crucially they have a high level of poise and predictability that breeds confidence. They’re the best skis I’ve ever used.

The AR50 sidewalls make for a lighter ski and a lower swing weight which is perfect if you like backcountry cliffs and jumps. The rocker in the tip and tail of the ski accompanied with the positive camber underfoot make for a delightfully floaty ski in powder. The 50/50 base is found on all of Armada’s all-round bases and it includes the speed of a race base without the hassle of constant tuning.

Naturally the JJ’s outstanding off-piste performance compromises their suitability to on-piste skiing. While they are fine for straightlining out of the trees to the bottom of the chair and the occasional big turn, don’t expect to be winning any slaloms.

This is a great ski for the more advanced and adventurous skiers out there. It combines the lightweight features of a park ski with the width and stability of one of the best powder skis in the world. Armada have put some of their best technology in this product and it is shown by the way it performs on the mountain.

Sizes: 185cm, 175cm. Dimensions: (tip-tail) 126-115-123. For more information on the ski and dealers, go to