Anon Hawkeye

, February 9, 2011

Anon design and manufacture active eyewear, focusing heavily on their winter goggle line that introduces some new innovations. Although the Anon Hawkeye goggle is renowned for its fantastic fit, it excels through other features which require some further analysis.

The most striking aspect of the goggle is Anon’s use of their trademarked ‘Spherical Lens Technology’, providing optical clarity by enhancing vertical and horizontal fields of vision. This feature helps reduce distortion to make an altogether functional goggle. The low profile frame is well ventilated and compliments the visor shape of R.E.D. helmets.

When it comes to fit, Anon are onto a winner. The Hawekeye’s ‘triple density face foam’ means that the goggles essentially mould around your eyes, allowing for a perfect degree of adjustability. I was amazed by just how comfortable and functional these goggles are.

Anon have entered the market by force and with a comprehensive collection of lenses and sunglasses. For the moment Anon is mostly a winter brand, well positioned as a creator of some of the most innovative products out there.

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