Amer Sports Looks to Boost Suunto Movescount App

, May 6, 2015

Within a week of the Apple Watch’s release, Amer Sports announce the acquisition of Sports Tracker to bolster its digital offering. The move most closely relates to Suunto, Amer Sport’s Finnish watch brand that offers users Movescount for its GPS data visualisation. Though Amer Sports state that no immediate changes will be made to either service, it’s clear that they’re determined to keep on top of the game when it comes to building their online community.

For Android, Movescount has recently published its open beta to link with the latest watch, a wi-fi enabled Ambit3. Antti Hermunen, Technical Project Manager for Suunto’s Movescount App is committed to improving the device’s value proposition for Android customers.

“The reason for releasing this app as an open beta lies in the complexity of the Android world. There are seven different Android operating systems and over 1000 different Android devices out in the market. Connecting these to our Ambit3 watches gives us over 8600 product-software combinations to test. To deliver the Android app to the same standard as our existing iPhone app, we decided to engage our active customers to finalize the testing process.”

If you’re on Android, download the Movescount App on Google Play to participate in the beta.