Alpine Dreams at Altitude: High-Luxury Lodges in Zermatt’s Sky

, September 26, 2023

Zermatt, nestled under the Matterhorn’s majestic gaze, offers not just breathtaking scenery but also breathtaking lodging options. For those seeking an experience at the very edge of paradise, high-altitude accommodations reign supreme. Here, we explore three gems perched above the clouds, each a unique haven for alpine adventure.

Hotel Gornergrat (3100m)
Crown Jewel of the Summit

At the very pinnacle of Europe, atop the Gornergrat cogwheel railway, rests the iconic Hotel Gornergrat. With an altitude of 3100 meters, it claims the title of highest hotel in the Alps, promising panoramas that melt your heart as quickly as the glaciers beneath your feet. Step out onto the sun-drenched terrace and watch the Matterhorn blush from sunrise to sunset, its reflection dancing in the still waters of Riffelsee. Inside, warm wood interiors and plush armchairs exude an air of alpine grandeur, while the gourmet restaurant tempts with local delicacies and panoramic views. Book Hotel Gornegrat


Hotel Riffelalp Resort (2222 m)
Family Paradise with a View

A little lower, but no less enchanting, lies the Hotel Riffelalp Resort. Perched at 2222 meters, it offers family-friendly luxury nestled amongst snow-capped peaks. Children frolic in the dedicated playrooms while parents indulge in massages at the spa. Winter mornings see kids gleefully weaving through the “Sunnegga Kids Adventure Land,” while afternoons promise thrilling sledding runs. The resort itself boasts beautifully appointed rooms, a panoramic swimming pool, and a variety of restaurants, ensuring every taste and mood is catered to. Book Hotel Riffelalp


Hotel Riffelhaus (2582 m)
A Historic Hideaway for Hikers

Dating back to 1853, the Hotel Riffelhaus holds a special place in Zermatt’s history. Nestled at 2582 meters, it’s a haven for seasoned hikers and nature lovers. Imagine reaching this charming chalet after a challenging trek, greeted by roaring fires and steaming mugs of hot chocolate. Step back in time with antique furnishings and traditional Swiss charm, then indulge in hearty local fare overlooking the Gorner Gorge. Wake up to a symphony of birdsong and panoramic views that stretch as far as the eye can see. Book Hotel Riffelhaus


Choosing Your Sky-High Retreat:

Each of these high-altitude gems offers a unique experience. Hotel Gornergrat is for those who crave unparalleled exclusivity and panoramic glory. Hotel Riffelalp Resort caters to families seeking fun, activity, and luxurious comfort. For the adventurous soul, Hotel Riffelhaus promises historic charm and a true escape into the heart of the mountains.

No matter your choice, staying at one of these high-altitude havens is more than just accommodation; it’s an immersion into the soul of Zermatt. Breathe in the crisp mountain air, let the breathtaking views fill your spirit, and experience the magic of living atop the world.