adidas Consortium Collaborate with Norse Projects on “Layers” series

, August 21, 2017

In a recent collaboration, adidas Consortium have partnered with Danish fashion label Norse Projects, combining the subtle aesthetic of Scandinavian style with robust German engineering. Two shoes emerged from the collaboration, the streetwise Campus 80s PK and the more rugged Terrex Agravic.

The Terrex Agravic takes its inspiration from the small, Danish islands of Fur and Møn which are known for their layered rock formations. Noticeable at their cross-sections, different tiers of rock reveal themselves on the islands, compressed over a geological timeframe to provide a unique structure. The Agravic’s multiple layers of transparent lamination and laced support mirror the islands, welded together with a sand-colored Gore-Tex membrane on top of a burly Continental sole.


While the Agravic takes its colorway from lighter hues, the Campus 80s PK switches the collection’s palette into a darker, asphalt-like finish, a hue that is currently exposed on the surface of the island’s rock formations. A knitted upper create a relaxed shoe, with a flat sole, adidas’ signature Campus sole.

The involvement with Gore-Tex coincides with their recent publishing of Six Stories of GORE-TEX Products Vol. 2, a book that document their collaborations with fashion and how function is coming level with aesethics in the order of design priorities. Introducing the chapter on Norse, co-founders Tobia Sloth, Mikkel Grønnebæk and Anton Juul highlight the synergies between the two brands, “… NORSE is very much a product of its home country and the occassionally oppressive weather – a place where GORE-TEX® products can be put through their paces.”


Norse also admit that Gore-Tex has played a part in the early 1990’s skateboarding and hip-hop movement, with The North Face Mountain Light jacket being a known cultural touchpoint. Among a new generation of island-hopping and cool city dwellers, the Layers collection may well find its own groove or grindstone.

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