adidas Avanti Middle-Distance Track Spike Review

, February 23, 2019

One of the tried and tested ways are a few ways to shake up training. Adding speed work into your running, cycling and swimming workouts come with a range of benefits. Increasing maximum ability but also, fundamentally, compressing the length of your training. Recovery is still important, frayed nerves and added cognitive stress.

For long-distance runners, a middle distance spike is a good option to broaden your footwear without going too near the sprinter end of the spectrum. You might be using your spikes for intervals of us to 600m, so having something with a plat and and 2-3mm of cusioning might be helpful. This will still feel far more lightweight and responsive that your most minimal road flats.


From adidas, the Avanti is a popular middle-distance spike that has evolved over the years to cater to 800m and 1500m amateur runners (elites might use the spike for the 10,000m). The Boost sole popular in its road shoes has been fashioned into the midsole and heel. while a seamles upper means you can get away with running in these without socks.

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