Zafiri is a media company covering topics at the intersection of endurance, urban design and environment. City guides designed for endurance athletes form the backbone of the website.

Each city guide is packaged in a mobile-friendly page that prescribes:

  • Free or pay-per-visit running tracks, locations for hill intervals, and continuous runs;
  • Group rides for cyclists to join, and decent road bike rentals;
  • Pristine 25m or 50m pools, as well as swimmable outdoor water;
  • Accessible gyms with drop-in options;
  • Hotel recommendations;
  • Local restaurants, coffee shops, and bars to experience the city post-exercise.

Readers can Subscribe to gain access to occasional Weekend Trips – organised trips made up of running, cycling, swimming and a pair of good meals arranged around a recommended hotel.

Ownership and financing

Zafiri has a single revenue stream: subscriptions. While posts predating 2018 received some press support, all reviews post-2018 are selected and compensated independently.

Originating from the initial website, MagneticJunction.com, in June 2010, Zafiri is under the ownership and management of Will Ross, who operates from London, UK.


If you would like to contribute a City Guide, write a post or simply recommend somewhere outstanding, get in touch with Will Ross by emailing him at will@zafiri.com.