Zafiri is a media company covering topics at the intersection of endurance, urban design and environment.

A premium subscription grants access to City Guides, 2000-word posts designed to meet the needs of an athletic business traveller. Each city guide outlines the best places to run, cycle and swim in a specific part of town, as well as linking readers to convenient places for healthy food and a good night’s sleep. Oh, and coffee.

Subscribe on an annual basis to access the full collection – there’s a 24-hour trial period to you can dip behind the paywall to see if the guides are something you want to commit to.

Ownership and financing

Zafiri has one source of revenue: subscriptions. Though posts written before 2018 received some press assistance, all reviews since then have been chosen and paid for independently.

Started out of an initial website called MagneticJunction.com in June 2010, Zafiri is owned and managed by Will Ross, based out of London, UK.


If you would like to contribute a City Guide, write a post or simply recommend somewhere outstanding, get in touch with Will Ross by emailing him at will@zafiri.com.