5 Top Albums for the Outdoors

, April 2, 2013

1. Sigur Rós – Takk

Whether you’ve just summited a tricky peak, are about to lay some fresh tracks or are lying on a beach watching the sun go down, Sigur Rós enriches the beauty of nature.  Takk, their fourth album, has an air of mystery and optimism akin to the outdoor explorer.  This is aural ephemeral Icelandic rock orientated nature porn at its best.

2. Glitch Mob – Drink the Sea

Moving the orchestra from Iceland to LA gives us the electronic excellence of Glitch Mob’s debut album.  Glitch Mob have become the band of the moment for extreme sports films, having most recently been featured in Revolver.  The intense bleeps, squeaks and all round beats employed will empower you to go that little bit further, take the plunge and ski off the edge.  Dangerous stuff.

3. Ellie Goulding – Run into the Light

So it turns out that remixed electro-pop/indie folk does exactly what it says on the tin and makes for decent music to run to.  The album is made up of 6 reworked tracks and includes a medley of all 6 that lasts for 30mins, long enough to drown out some of your running woes.  While the album itself lacks the beauty and craftsmanship of Goulding’s debut album, it does provide a steady and regular beat that doesn’t stop… even if you do.

4. Futurecop! – The Unicorn and the Lost City of Alvograth

Imagine riding a unicorn towards the Northern Lights whilst wielding a lightsaber .  Welcome to Futurecop!. This is their first EP (so not strictly an album) and is a mesmerizing journey into 1980’s optimism.  Futurecop! provides that motivation to wake up an hour earlier, spend the day trekking in the pouring rain and still love it.  This is pure fist pumping get-up and go, and we love it.

5. The Beach Boys – The Very Best of the Beach Boys

Digitally remastered and timelessly summery.  If ever an album has inspired someone to break the norm, buy a camper van, road trip down a beautiful coastline surfing, chilling out, meeting hot babes and having fun, then it was probably this one.  Throughout the 60s, The Beach Boys spent their time bottling sunshine and turning it into smooth sounds so that a generation later we can still get that summer boost from some seriously Good Vibrations.

What tunes would you add?