Neighbor Bakehouse, San Francisco 

, May 1, 2017

Nestled in a nook within San Francisco’s Dogpatch, Neighbor Bakehouse is part of a pendulum swing of activity as the neighborhood repurposes its industrial infrastructure with food as a cornerstone. In the case of this culinary hotspot, sweet, savory and sourdough categories form its pillars, attracting hundreds of followers on weekends, and a reliable business of disciples looking to sugarcoat their weekdays.

After founding the bakery in 2012, Greg and Christine Mindel opened their kitchen to the public in 2015, giving fans a chance to check out the operation and grab a treat.

Goods a wonderfully named, with the “chocolate claw” taking the traditional pain au chocolate to a new, more ergonomic place. Another one of my indulgences is the “pistachio blackberry twice-baked” whose many dimensions unfold on your palett as a fine trail of flakes fall down to mark my onward journey into San Francisco.

If you have time, grab a to-go coffee after your snack and wander around the back of the bakehouse to the slab of land that is Pier 70. The 69-acre patch is up for renewal, which means balancing its status as a historical site on the National Register with the demands or trendy urban design.

Considering the site’s use for ship building and steel construction for the Golden Gate Bridge, its ongoing industrial use is the first priority for developers. Further reading: a lengthy Environmental Impact Report and “The quest for design utopia at SF’s Pier 70” from John King, San Francisco Chronicle.

Find Neighbor Bakehouse at 2343 3rd Street. They’re open Wednesday to Sunday, 6:30am to 2:00pm.