Zensor Nordic Winter

, February 11, 2011

As one of Scandinavia’s top outdoor and equipment manufacturers, Haglöfs have held nothing with their sleeping bag range. I’ve been using the Zensor Nordic Winter over the season, a piece of kit which has transformed cold days into some warm nights. Suitable to an extreme temperature of – 40 degrees Celsius, the Zensor held up remarkably well in -10 conditions at Ben Alder Bothy. By looking in detail at the Zensor, it’s no surprise that Haglöfs have come up with a winner for winter nights.

The first thing I noticed when getting in the Zensor was just how narrow the foot section was. Packed with extra insulation and a R525 Waterproof Fabric, I discovered later that the bottom chamber of the bag is loaded with extra features – realistic for a performance product which is in a price bracket above the rest. Whilst you don’t get the freedom of movement that other bags offer, the Zensor helps mold you into an efficient sleeping machine.

At the other end of the bag, the head section is packed with R525 layers which create a sophisticated headrest. The waterproofing feature of the R525 prevents moisture intrusion from the outside of the sack, while the internal lining creates a breathable layer in the warmest part of the bag. Well padded, the head section ensures that the most sensitive part of your body is well regulated, important on cold nights when adjustments the bag might be needed.

The main body represents well with double insulation to keep out the cold from the sleeping surface.  Altogether the bag comes to 2350g for the 183cm version, significantly heavier than the Gogo Nordic Winter, the down version of the Nordic Winter, which weighs 1630g for the same size. The Gogo retails for an extra £200 so consider your weight restrictions when choosing you Nordic Winter sack.

The Zensor’s developed feet and head sections make it an outstanding product. If you can spare the weight then take this with on your next outing for a comfortable night in very cold conditions.

Useful Information

RRP £140
Available in 183cm and 200cm sizes from RVOps.co.uk.
Unisex product.
Colours: Seaweed/olive only

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