“Unbroken Ground” from Patagonia Amplifies Regenerative Agriculture Priorities

, February 13, 2021

The 2016 25-minute documentary film “Unbroken Ground” highlights the importance of regenerative agriculture for sustainable and eco-friendly food production. With a focus on Washington state, the film showcases various farming and fishing communities that prioritize soil health, genetic diversity, and sustainable practices.

The speakers stress the value of maintaining a healthy environment to ensure the continuation of diverse wildlife, such as salmon and ducks, which act as reflections of the evolving habitat for thousands of years.

The video includes a range of organizations that are driving change:

Cheynee River Farm in Georgia, run by Dan and Jill O’Brien
Edible Schoolyard
Marin Carbon Project
The Carbon Underground
The Land Institute
The Bread Lab (Washington State University)
Finn River Farm
Hedlin Family Farms, Washington (Instagram)

Learn more at patagoniaprovisions.com