The Faroe Islands

, December 20, 2010

The Faroe Islands have been rated by National Geographic Traveler as the most appealing destination in the world for sustainable tourism. Floating 300 miles due north of Scotland, the Faroe Islands find themselves in the middle of a vast, well preserved seascape – a perfect setting for adventures.

As far as adventuring goes, GreenGate Incoming are one of the major tour operators on the islands and their online catalogue serves as a really good introduction to the island. Faroe Islands Tourism also offer some suggestions for accommodation on the Faroe Islands and propose outdoor activities both on sea and on land.

One of the reasons why the Faroe Islands has remained so untouched is because of its relative inaccessibility. For travellers leaving from the UK, there are no ferries to the Faroe Islands (Smyril Line operate routes between the Faroe Islands, Denmark and Iceland) and Atlantic Airways only run direct flights between the Faroe Islands and the UK from the beginning of June to the beginning of September. While getting to the Faroe Islands may be a tricky process, some keen planning during the off-season can help you explore the untouched landscape.

Watch the video for some inspiration and come up with your own route through these majestic islands.