The Aegean Islands by Kayak

, March 21, 2011

© Rod Feldtmann

Greece’s crystal clear coastal waters are a perfect setting for an open water adventure. Sandy beaches, abundant marine life and warm waters make Greece’s coastline one of the most sought after prizes in the Med. If you’re looking to experience Greek culture and natural beauty and don’t know where to start, consider kayaking in the Aegean Islands. The Aegean Islands lie off Greece’s eastern coastline where popular myth makes way for your own odyssey.

Founded and run by Rob Feldtmann, Sea Kayak Milos offer sea kayaking trips in the Aegean Sea. Rob runs the business with his partner Petrinela who was born and raised locally on the Island Milos. They run several itineraries throughout the islands that can be tailored to the clients’ interest.

If you are pressed for time you might look to do the one day kayaking trip, which costs €65 and includes all equipment along with a guide and a picnic lunch. You’ll spend the day kayaking around Milos with great opportunities to test your snorkelling and cliff diving abilities. For the slightly more faint-hearted the island provides excellent opportunities to explore or simply lie on the white beaches and dip your toes in the cool water between efforts with the paddle.

If you have more time to spend exploring the islands then browse the larger packages on offer. The most popular trip available is the Explore Milos Package which consists of 6 days and 8 nights navigating around the islands. This comes to €560 (shared room) or €640 (single room) and again includes all equipment, tuition and guidance. Accommodation, lunch and breakfast are also included within the price. The package provides you with the opportunity to choose a number of different routes and islands to visit, depending on what you want to see and how many hours of kayaking you wish to do a day.

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