Newton Running Gravity III

, May 24, 2015

It all began around Thanksgiving in 2011, dragging a friend through obscure retail outlets in Phoenix, Arizona just to find a shoe. If it weren’t for the promise of the … Read more

CLIF Shot Bloks

, May 11, 2015

As an avid cyclist, I have tried to just about every type of energy bar and gel on the market, most of which leave me with a general sense of … Read more

The Wainwright Prize 2015

, April 15, 2015

Now in its second year, the Thwaites Wainwright Prize celebrates the best of British nature and travel writing from the twelve months. The illustrious Lancastrian brewer isn’t the only company to … Read more

2XU Compression Tights

, January 1, 2015

Like many of you, I am sitting at my computer listening to Britney Spears on Pandora in one tab and browsing Magnetic Junction on another in an effort to recover … Read more

Cool Runnings – Ultra Marathon Training in the Snow

, January 23, 2013

With this in mind, my running partner (Duncan) and I signed up for the Deeside Ultra Marathon in Aberdeen. Although seemingly oxymoronic, this is an ‘entry level’ Ultra marathon, at ‘only’ 33 miles, or 53 km. Most serious Ultra marathon runners don’t get out of bed for less than 50 miles (80km).

Introducing: Vivo Barefoot

, July 2, 2012

Vivo Barefoot is the answer to Lee’s question for the perfect running mechanism to fit our feet with. He found inspiration in the Copper Canyons with the Tarahumara tribe after Christopher McDougall went on his own pilgrimage to find the truth behind the art of running. McDougall went on to write Born to Run, almost a bible for anyone running. Through this bestseller, we have learned how we are supposed to run, and how each one of us can enjoy it every step of the way.

Saucony ProGrid Kinvara 2

, February 21, 2012

The Saucony website claims that the ProGrid Kinvara 2 are designed to give you exactly, and only, what you need; something which is evident when you first pick them up weighing in at only 7.7oz. The upper part of the shoe is made from a mono-filament mesh which, although appearing very flimsy, remained undamaged when put through the test on numerous muddy runs on the moors of Scotland and on the tarmac of London. Despite first impressions, the material is relentless enough to prevent stray stones, pebbles and mud from getting into the shoe. The sole is made from an ultra-light durable foam and its shape creates a lower heel to toe ratio which sways toward the barefoot genre of running.

New Balance 749

, February 7, 2012

The New Balance 749 has a discreet label inside the shoe which says ‘Made in the UK’. In these days of austerity, with all the naysayers decrying the ability of British manufacturing, if I was New Balance I would be shouting this fact from the rooftops.

Newton Running Distance

, October 25, 2011

After a year living, training, and racing in Newton’s top neutral racer it’s hard to find fault with a great shoe. For running marathons, these are a trainer shoe to run in.

The Columbia Hellrider Duathlon

, June 25, 2011

On saturday the 4th of June, Team Magnetic Junction took part in the inaugural Columbia Hellrider. Taking place in West Wycombe Park, the Hellrider is an adventure duathlon in which teams must complete as many running and cycling laps as possible in eight hours. A run must be followed by a cycle and all team members are required to complete at least one of each at some point during the event.